The Oxwich edition is based on the traditional style conversion and really has everything you would need from a camper. Included in this design is a fridge, sink and hob, certified rock and roll bed, flip down dinner table and has the option to be built as a two or four berth (Skyline poptop for four berth). We have fully maximised the storage facilities with the space available and our ergonomic design also allows for full articulation of the drivers seating position.

  • 2 or 4 person
  • VW Transporters, Ford Transit Custom, Mercedes Vito, Renault Traffic, Vauxhall Vivaro, Nissan Primastar
  • Standard Height
  • SWB, LWB



Sound Deadening

Looking for a quieter driving experience? Dynamat extreme is our choice. One of the best sound deadening products available on the market today.


We use a double bubble wrap with foil back insulation on all of the inner skins of the external panels. We then go one stage further by using a recycled plastic to fill all the voids. These two combined provide a quieter environment internally as well as providing better thermal qualities for the van.

Ply Lining

This stage is a vital part for the build in making sure there is a solid foundation to build from. We use brand new 6mm ply boards on the walls along with 12mm ply for the flooring.


After the insulation and boarding has been completed we finish the walls and ceiling off with high quality four way mega stretch carpet. This carpet will make a huge difference to the environment inside your vehicle making for a much quieter, pleasant driving and living experience. The carpet is available in different colour shades. If carpet is not your choice of material then other options are available.


With the one piece flooring making for a solid foundation we line the floor with an Altro flooring product. Altro is a hardwearing easy to clean product which has proven to be an excellent choice for campers. It is available in many colours and different styles.

Glass Windows

Choose from genuine or aftermarket glass windows available for most models of vans on the market. Most windows will be around 85% privacy tinted and have the option of fixed and opening windows.


12v Electrics

Our 12v electrical system consists of a 110 leisure battery, Victron DC-Dc charger and rear sockets. Upgrades to Lithium batteries can be added along with various sockets and USB charge points.

240v Electrics

Our 240 electrical system consists of a hook up point under the bonnet or cut into the side of the van on larger vehicles. The Bonus PMS3 is specifically designed for conversions where the user is looking for a simple system to perform basic tasks, whilst charging your leisure battery and fuse protecting your 12v appliances, such as powering your campervans fridge and lighting. Using the Bonus PMS3 power management system, you are able to safely power both 12v and 230v equipment installed in your campervan or motorhome. The Bonus PMS3 also features 4 fused outputs, a battery voltage indicator, and a separate switch for the water pump.


We use LED overhead spotlights in all of our vans. Usually 4 spotlights are used but more can be added depending on the layout.

Strip Lighting

LED lighting under cabinets and over head lockers are run separately to the overhead lights which are perfect for evening and morning lighting inside your van.

Small Water Storage

This storage system is much smaller then the under slung water tanks and can hold around 10 - 15 L of water. this will be stored on board the vehicle usually very close to the sink. We use a comet submersible water pump to feed the tap.

Gas Storage

Our gas systems are built and stored on an external door with easy access from outside the van. Our storage system is completely sealed off to the living area and will include drop vents at all of the gas joint points.


Rock & Roll Bed

We use the crash tested Rusty Lee rock and roll beds and certified Odyssey depending on the vehicle you have

Sink & Hob

Everyone loves a cupper in the morning. The double burner hobs make this an easy option. SMEV 9222 sink and hobs are a widely used product and it is the same for us. Not everyone uses them but you have a great option.

Fridge Freezer

Keep your drinks nice and cool. In all our camper conversions you have the option to have a fridge fitted. Compressor 12/240 fridges are our choice without the need to use gas and vented through he side wall of the van. 50 L fridges in the medium sized vans and the larger options available in the larger vans.

Window Blinds

We have two options, blackout premium curtains or Van shades. Both are great products and are available in different finishes and colours.

Front Cab Window Covers

We supply you with thermal screen covers which use suction cups to stick to the window, the external glass side also have a reflective thermal back to keep the heat out during the hotter summer months.

Passenger Swivel Seat

Single or double seats upfront all have the ability of having swivel bases added depending on the van you have. Most vans available today have this ability. Because of the van layout its only worth having the swivel base for the passenger seat.

Poptop Roof

We supply and fit Skyline roofs for VW Transporters, Ford Transit customs, VW Crafters and Peugeot Boxers. We are also able to supply and fit other poptop brands to most vehicles on the market today.